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RBT 40-Hour Course

The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) training program is based on the 2nd Edition tasklist and the RBT ethics code 2.0. Our program is fun, interactive and with premium materials. The program is offered independent of the BACB.


RBT Mock Exam Book

Our NEW version of the RBT Study Manual was released in January of 2023. It contains new information that is designed to help you prepare for your RBT board exam. Covering all areas of the RBT 2nd Edition Task List in great detail.


RBT Manual

Once you feel ready or semi-ready to take your board exam, we suggest you take a few practice exams. The purpose of these practice exams are help you understand where you stand with what you've learned and where you can still improve.


What's Included in our RBT courses:

Different courses include different content and materials. We have a variety of courses that range from 40+ hours of video content and materials to a workshop on a specific topic. In all the courses one thing remains the same; the quality of our classes and materials.

Fun Classes

Our classes are designed to keep you engaged and to make learning a fun experience.

Video Conferencing

Enhance your virtual programs by allowing your learners to access high-quality live sessions through desktop and mobile

Discuss with others

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies

Designed & built for everyone

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance

Interesting Quizzes
Want to test your knowledge? Our quizzes will help you test your knowledge per area completed.
Premium Materials
We take great pride in making our material. With thousands of hours of research behind it. We are confident in our products.
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