Developing New Horizons

Here is what our ABA Program offers:


We’re in this together. This only works if we all work together.


Our entire team is working for the benefit of your child, because we’re all different.


Once we get started, we will be monitoring progress to make sure treatment is effective.


The treatment plan is made tailored to the individual and the data is collected to make sure we’re headed in the right direction.

Lasting Change

The skills learned are also taught in different environments & with different people to make sure they carry over to other scenarios.

Parent Training

When parents are involved and trained, change is longer lasting and more effective.

In Home

We provide ABA therapy in your home where your child feels more comfortable.

In the Community

We take those skills learned at home and generalize them in different places like parks.

In School

Often times schools is where we find more maladaptive behaviors. Our team has the credential needed to provide services in school.

On Site Sessions

We also have our Center in Fort Myers where we can provide the ABA services at our state of the art facility.

We are here to help, let us know of any questions you may have!

Fill out this form or you can call us during business hours at 305-646-1603 for faster service.
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